UAdeC School of Plastic Arts “Rubén Herrera” celebrates 100 Years of History, Academic Quality and Cultural Development

As part of a historical and transcendental moment, the School of Plastic Arts “Profesor Rubén Herrera” at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, celebrated 100 years of its foundation, where it has promoted the development of culture, academic quality and integration of professionals into the labor market.

Our president Salvador Hernández Vélez, Julio Saucedo Zul, Vice President of the Saltillo Campus Life and Student Services, Darío D. Aguillón Gutiérrez, Director of the Plastic Arts School, José Luis Rodríguez Sena, Director of Cultural Development of the Coahuila Culture Secretariat, as well as University Officers, staff, teachers and former directors attended the event.

Celebration activities included handing commemorative medals to university authorities, teachers, former directors, and municipal and state government officials to recognize their dedication and commitment to the EAP; likewise, the unveiling of a commemorative plaque for the 100th anniversary in this ceremony.

In his message, our president congratulated the EAP school community for a century of achievements and contributions, thanks to the work and effort of illustrious people; He also expressed his appreciation for the second oldest school in the UAdeC, which is currently a benchmark for artistic teaching in the State, characterized by its quality and prestige.

 “The institutions that last over time are those that contribute to the construction of a better society and with no doubt, the first centenary of the School of Plastic Arts show us why they have left an indelible mark on the artistic and creative community in the state and in northern Mexico” he said.

Hernández Vélez, recalled the historical course of the school and commented that founder Rubén Herrera´s concepts are still effective on the academic work of our institution. Such as all the actions that promote reflection regarding art and culture through dialogue and the training of artists and designers with a sense of human creativity, and the strength to face the challenges of the future, are fundamental in our current student life.

On the other hand, EAP Director, Darío Aguillón, thanked the university authorities, former students and professors for their support. He also highlighted that, despite having completed one hundred years of ideas and work, our school must learn from the past and look towards the future; “Our 2025 Vision shows us the direction we must take, to build the best school of art and design. We will continue working for all the challenges to face and the obstacles to overcome”, he mentioned.

To continue with the premise of transparency and accountability at UAdeC, Aguillón Gutiérrez, reported the achievements obtained during his first year of management in nine main aspects: the current situation, school operation, services, academic strategy, engagement, comprehensive training, infrastructure and equipment, promotion and finance.

He also stressed that this year, in the historical framework of the centenary, the main objective has been to transform the School of Plastic Arts with the conviction that the institution will reach a higher level and thus has started a process of complete restructuring and change in the administrative, academic, social, and engagement fields.

“This 2020 is full of celebration and challenges, it represents the beginning of a new stage for our School, guiding us to reach the goal ‘ Vision 2025 ’, to promote a strong institution, competitive and recognized nationally and internationally, innovative and ready to adapt to the social and technological changes of the future, capable of facing any challenge;  ”, the Director said.

He commented that there are currently 403 students enrolled at the School, 267 in the Bachelor of Graphic Design and 137 the Bachelor of Plastic Arts. This represents an increase of 26 percent, compared to enrollment in 2018 and 10 percent compared to August 2019; the academic staff incorporates 48 teachers: 18 full-time, five 40-hour, and 25 part-time teachers.

Some of the actions carried out during this first year were the creation of academic, environmental and civil protection committees, also the restructuring of the curricular reform committees in charge of the design of new study plans for 2021 and a master’s program in August 2021, in accordance with quality standards and the needs required by the labor market.

Equally important, the “Johannes Itten” Student Society was established and institutionalized to give certainty to the process of election and integration of this student group, as well as the creation of the Academic Body “Análisis del arte, estudios visuales y del patrimonio histórico-cultural” , with four full-time professors, to strengthen research in the Bachelor of Plastic Arts.

For  promotion efforts, 20 exhibitions were organized in different enclosures of the entity, to show the work of students, graduates, and teachers, more than 200 artists and designers participated with a total of 900 pieces. On the other hand, to achieve recognition of artistic creation and talent, the EAP designated sales outlets for artistic work in different events and establishments.

To conclude, he announced that the activities for the 100th anniversary of the School of Plastic Arts “Profesor Rubén Herrera” are exhibitions, virtual galleries and the publishing of a commemorative book of graduated artists and students,  which will be available on September 21 and throughout the semester.