Faculty of Chemical Sciences PhD Student Will Obtain Double Degree

Thanks to the collaboration agreement that Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila signed in 2019 with Universidad del Cauca de Colombia, Angela Montemayor González, a graduate student from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences, will obtain a double degree in her doctoral studies.

At UAdeC, she will receive a PhD in Food Science and Technology, and at Universidad del Cauca de Colombia she will get a PhD Degree in Agro Industries, which will allow her to be more competitive in Mexico as in other countries.

Raúl Rodríguez Herrera, researcher, and professor at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences, promoted the signing of this agreement between both institutions, which, in addition to the double degree, also included the exchange of teachers and students to enrich research work.

He said that Angela Montemayor is the first student that will obtain the double degree with this agreement, which means a great satisfaction for the University, being the result of the effort and dedication of the central administration, the faculty, teachers, and students.

In the same way Angela Montemayor talked about her thesis, called “Functional and technological properties of a bakery product enhanced with fermented legume flours”, with which she will obtain her double doctoral degree, detailing how to make bread more nutritious by adding legumes.

She commented that her experience studying one year at the University of Colombia opened a new horizon for her, giving her access to other work teams and new learnings, enriching her knowledge and skills.

Montemayor stressed that having this double degree will allow her to get more job opportunities not only in Mexico, but in Colombia and other countries; she finally exhorted the UAdeC students to take advantage of each and every one of the opportunities offered by the institution for the benefit of professional development.