Faculty of Communication Sciences Presents “Stories of Pandemic”

Students from the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila presented the Forum “Stories of Pandemic” through Facebook Live as an activity of the Intercultural Communication course and as part of the academic body “Communication for Social Development”.

Gabriela de la Peña Astorga, professor of Intercultural Communication, coordinated 18 students from the Degree in Organizational Communication and Public Relations, so they created a space for dialogue, based on testimonial productions about the experience of some Saltillo residents during the confinement by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With photographic series, interviews, short films and reports, the students exchanged points of view on the quarantine situation they live in their immediate environments, addressing topics such as online classes, health workers labor, the economic situation of local businesses and the testimony of a student who got the disease.

In addition, Dr. Brenda Azucena Muñoz, member of the academic body “Communication for Social Development” congratulated the participants and Dr. Gabriela for encouraging this type of activity that promotes reflection and allows the audience to empathize with reality through communicative products.

For her part, the researcher Gabriela de la Peña, thanked the attendees of the virtual broadcast and highlighted the students’ work in the search for social actors, who sometimes do not have spaces to express their opinion or experiences about how COVID- 19 has transformed their lives.

She explained that in the comprehensive training of communication professionals, interaction is a key tool to acquire knowledge and understanding of the context in which they live, because it makes proposing solutions to communication problems from different fields of intervention possible.

You can find the virtual Forum “Pandemic Stories” on the Facebook page “Communication for Social Development”: https://www.facebook.com/2241351196093803/videos/423407692009057.