Faculty of Jurisprudence Concludes Diploma in Public Security Analysis

In order to provide Public Security Institutions with better analytical tools to meet the challenges in this field, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila´s Faculty of Jurisprudence concluded the virtual diploma in Public Security Analysis.

During the graduation ceremony of the first generation of the Diploma, Salvador Hernández Vélez, President of the maximum house of studies; Alfonso Yáñez Arreola, Director of Law Faculty; Ana Marcela Lombell de Valle, Academic Secretary, and Héctor Rivera Nava, Postgraduate and Research Coordinator of the Faculty of Jurisprudence were present.

As well as Víctor Manuel Sánchez Valdés, Professor of the Faculty and Coordinator of the Diploma in Public Security Analysis, Pedro Hernández Hernández, Inspector General of the National Guard of Coahuila, and Federico Fernández Montañez, Commissioner of Security and Citizen Protection of the Municipality of Saltillo.

In his message, our President congratulated the graduates who completed their training in operational aspects and methodology for the analysis of security and social data of networks, among other topics and who, despite the adversities of the pandemic, combined their classes remotely with teachers through exercises, readings and review of multimedia material.

Hernández Vélez, stressed that the Diploma in Public Security Analysis is a sign of the synergy between UAdeC and security institutions such as the National State Guard and the Citizen Security and Protection Commission of the Municipality of Saltillo, to respond to the social needs that contribute to the preservation of public order and peace.

Alfonso Yáñez Arreola, Director of the Faculty of Jurisprudence thanked the collaboration of other agencies such as the American States Organization (OAS), the Government of the State of Mexico, the Centre for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE). As well as UNAM, Tecnológico de Monterrey, London University College, ICSUS Foundation and independent consultancies; who contributed to the delivery of the 15 thematic modules through the Zoom platform, from October 9th, 2020 to February 6th, this year.

Federico Fernández Montañez, Commissioner of Municipal Citizen Security and Protection, thanked the Faculty of Jurisprudence and the maximum house of studies,

for providing tools that allow continuous learning in Legal Science at the scientific, tactical, operational and analytical level, which will contribute to the improvement in the issue of security and trust in corporations responsible for citizen security.

Subsequently, the diploma supports training as experts in Public Safety Analysis to a group of 25 graduates belonging to police and security corporations, who now have new knowledge in Police Management, Governance, Human Rights, Data Policy, Information Analysis and Criminal Impact Care.