Faculty of Psychology Obtains CENEVAL High Academic Performance

Universidad Autónoma Coahuila proudly announces our Faculty of Psychology in Saltillo was awarded CENEVAL EGEL Register Level 1 recognition in the High Academic Performance Program, thanks to the results obtained in the EGEL test during the period July 2017-June 2019.

The director, Karla Patricia Valdés García, talked about the importance of this recognition, because it not only highlights the performance of the students, but also recognizes the teachers ability to transmit quality knowledge and the skills of the students who are about to graduate.

She added that CENEVAL´s assessment is based on national standards that evaluate students from public and private Higher Education Institutions. In this way, students put their knowledge to the test and this time they have raised the bar and made UAdeC proud with the results obtained.

She also mentioned that, in all test dates, our students have obtained results that position them as the best of the country, being worthy of the CENEVAL Award for EGEL-Excellence Performance.

The CENEVAL test evaluates three areas: Psychological Assessment, Psychological Intervention, and Psychological Research and Measurement; In December 2017, from 60 students who took the EGEL-PSI, 71.67 percent obtained a satisfactory performance, 20 percent outstanding performance and 8.33 percent non-outstanding performance within the areas

According to the results obtained during the application, five graduate students got the CENEVAL Award for Performance of Excellence EGEL, who stood out as the students with the best scores nationwide.

Similarly, in December 2018, from 60 students who took the test, 76.67 percent of them obtained satisfactory performance, 13.33 percent had an outstanding result and 10 percent obtained an unsatisfactory performance.

On that test date, two graduates received the CENEVAL Award for Performance of Excellence EGEL; In addition, the Faculty of Psychology is within the registry since more than 80 percent of the students obtained a satisfactory or outstanding performance.

Valdés García pondered that the effort and work of teachers and students have kept the Faculty of Psychology within the “EGEL Register” since 2016; She also commented that in 2017, the institution ranked second nationally among the 348 public and private universities where this test was applied.

Based on the results achieved in the EGEL application, CENEVAL grants Level 2 to the programs of the institutions that meet the criteria of 60 percent or more of their graduates, but less than 80 percent, with the recognition of “satisfactory performance or outstanding”.

Level 1 is for educational programs that have 80 percent or more graduates with “satisfactory or outstanding performance”; and Level 1 PLUS to programs with 80 percent or more graduates earning some “performance testimony” and 50 percent or more graduates with “outstanding performance.”