Outstanding Athletes Will Offer Virtual Conferences at UAdeC

Following with the activities in the sports field, the Office of Athletics at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila opened a series of lectures featuring prominent University Athletes through the Microsoft Teams platform that will be broadcast on Facebook for the university community.

At a press conference, our President Salvador Hernández Vélez, and the Vice President for the Office of Athletics, David Hernández Barrera, announced that on August 13, University athletes, coaches and students will have access to the talks given by leading figures in the athletic disciplines .

Hernández Vélez highlighted the importance of carrying out these activities that showcase the work in all areas of the University, since in the sports it is fundamental, remarkable and necessary to motivate university athletes with the experience of leading performers from all sports.

“I consider that athletic discipline today represents a great example to follow, because in sports we learn from those who have known how to develop and encourage these activities. Those who are successful in sports have been formed with discipline, perseverance, determination and technique”, he said.

For his part, David Hernández Barrera, commented that these presentations offer great variety of topics for athletes and coaches at our University. Through Microsoft Teams at 10:00 in the morning and everybody will be able to see the transmission on our Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila Facebook page.

Beginning on August 13 with the talk “Quiero ser invisible”, (I want to be invisible) presented by the head coach of Borregos de Monterrey, Frank González; On August 27 “Deporte Funcional” (Functional Sports) by Iván Vélez, an expert in training of coaches; On September 3 “Mujeres Mexicanas en el Deporte” (Mexican Women in Sports) by the Olympic medalist in archery, Mariana Avitia

On September 9 “Nutrición Deportiva Fase” (Sports Nutrition Phase) by the nutritionist Martha Rodríguez; On September 24 “Disciplina por Encima del Talento” (Discipline Over Talent) by the Olympic diving medalist Fernando Platas; On October 22 “Camino al éxito” (Road to Success) by Alberto García Aspe, midfielder from the Pumas, Necaxa, América and Puebla soccer teams.

On November 5, “El Mejor Día de Mi Vida” (The Best Day of My Life) by the sportscaster Juan Carlos Vázquez; On November 19 “Orgullo Universitario”

(University Pride) by gymnast Iván Veloz; On November 26 a talk given by the legendary player of the Saraperos de Saltillo, Santiago Chávez.

On December 3, “La Preparación Encuentra la Oportunidad” (Training Finds Opportunity) by the receiver and kicker in Borregos Toluca, Gustavo Tella; On December 10, ” Psicología Deportiva en Equipos Universitarios ” (Sports Psychology in University Teams) by the Senior National Men’s Basketball Team Psychologist, Luis Carlos Loera, and the dates for the conferences that the soccer players Andrés Guarded and Oribe Peralta are yet to be confirmed.

Hernández Barrera pointed out that the talks will have a scope of 639 athletes from the different representative teams of the University, 5.463 athletes from indoor tournaments, 175 coaches; in Football, 638 university league players, 188 intermediate and senior players “Lobos Representativos”, 40 coaches; and in soccer, 775 players from the Saltillo University League, 318 players from the North University League, 475 players from the Torreon University League and 150 coaches.

He stressed that although the conferences are specially designed for the university community, the general public will be able to access the talks through the transmissions on Facebook.