Outstanding Students and Teachers awarded on the LXXIV Anniversary of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences

The Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila held a ceremony to commemorate its LXXIV anniversary and acknowledge the teachers and students who have excelled academically.

The ceremony took place in the faculty´s auditorium, with the presence of our President, Salvador Hernández Vélez, the Acquisitions Vice President, Juan Homero Soto Zúñiga, the director of the Faculty, Gerardo Sosa Santillán, as well as award-winning students and teachers.

In his message our President stated that the Faculty of Chemical Sciences is one of the main generators of knowledge at the University, thanks to its history of work, commitment and dedication, which has made it worthy of prestige and leadership not only at the state level, but also nationally.

He congratulated all members of this School that has been thriving year after year through new study programs, recognized for their quality; on the other hand, he urged students to continue working and make their mark with their scientific contributions.

For his part, the director, Gerardo Sosa Santillán, commented that the origins of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences go back to the creation of a chemistry pavilion at the “Escuela de Bachilleres Ateneo Fuente”, the first career to be taught was Industrial Chemistry.

He highlighted that the Faculty has been growing because it serves around thousand 300 students, in addition to the work and dedication, it now has seven postgraduate programs, six of them recognized by the National Graduate Program of Quality PNPC.

Every year the Chemistry Faculty recognizes the effort of teachers, administrators and manual workers. This time, 22 employees received awards for years of service, but due to the coVID-19 pandemic, we only had a symbolic delivery to Dr. Rubén García Graham for 40 years of service, Dr. Cristóbal Noé Aguilar for 25 years, Dr. Martha Múzquiz Ramos for 25 years, Dr. Mayela Govea Salas and Mireya Juárez Carrillo for 10 years.

In 2017, the Faculty of Chemical Sciences instituted the “Tritio” Award, to recognize undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students who perform the best Thesis. Tritio recipients were: Dr. Rafael Gómez Araujo in the category of Doctorate, M.C. Orlando Daniel de la Rosa in the category of Master’s and Q.F.B. Abigail Niño Herrara in the

category of Bachelor; Dr. Cristóbal Noé Aguilar was also recognized for his master’s and doctoral advice and Dr. Mayela Govea Salas by Bachelor’s Degree.

The “Distinguished Professor” award, given annually to a professor who has exercised outstanding activity, as well as their vocation of service and responsibility in the training of students, this time, PhD. Yolanda Garza García was the recipient.

Garza García, a research professor at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences, is a Pharmacobiology Chemist, a professor of Biotechnology Sciences and a Professor of Biological Sciences, she is also co-founder of the Department of Biotechnology and postgraduate studies in Master’s and Doctoral Biotechnology, and is the author of two books and several chapters and has multiple participations in congresses.

At the end of the ceremony, university officers unveiled the plaque of the mural “Guides of the Universe” which is an artistic representation about the essence of chemistry and the connection between human beings and the universe. Also, they distinguished students Juan Carlos Romero Cabello who is author and leader of the project, Yulma Aguirre García , Blanca López García, Valeria López Rodríguez, Rodolfo Segoviano González, Viridiana Valdés de Luna and Eduardo Urbano Antuna who created this work of art.