President of the UAdeC Shares his life experience with Lecture, “From Farmer to President” at ICH High School

As part of the closing ceremony of the conference program “Talks that inspire, Ideas that create dreams, Dreams that change lives”, promoted by Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila´s Instituto de Ciencias y Humanidades “Salvador González Lobo” High School, our president, Salvador Hernández Vélez, offered a talk.

Robertony Garcia, this High School´s Director, welcomed our President and the participants through Microsoft Teams, and explained that the purpose of this activity is to share life stories with students and teachers, personal and professional experiences from people that stand out in different areas of the community.

With the title “From farmer to president”, Salvador Hernández Vélez shared his life experience, academic trajectory, places where he has lived and the values learned during his childhood and adolescence since he lived in precarious conditions as part of a family of farmers and workers from La Laguna in Coahuila.

For Salvador Hernández Vélez, the main inspiration has been his parents. He commented that he asks them for guidance as a way of honoring them daily for the respect they deserve. Grateful for teaching him that, despite having a life of poverty, they were able to overcome difficult conditions, without basic services such as electricity, drinking water or drainage or money to go to school, but always wanting to learn, work and especially study to face the challenges.

His mother, Manuela Vélez Adriano, from Viesca, Coahuila and his father Jesús Hernández Cuevas, from Miguel Auza Zacatecas, were fundamental pillars for Salvador Hernández´s development, since they taught him discipline, work, solidarity, and the culture of effort to never give up.

Being the eldest of seven children, he said that in his childhood before going to school he had to fulfill ranch and farming labors, such as milking goats and taking care of them at the weekend, he lived in a very small mining town called Acacio Durango where he also danced as a matachin.

He liked to play baseball, marbles, and spinning his top; His love for reading was because of his grandfather Enrique Hernández Martínez because at the family dinner, when he returned from the mine, he talked about the book he was reading, and it was very interesting to listen to the excellent storyteller.

It was after starting high school, when his mother decided that they would move to Torreón, so that he and his brothers could continue studying. “Mrs. Manuela Vélez insisted on moving to the city to study, against my grandparents and even my father´s wishes, because she said that it was the only way to go forward: with study, effort and tenacity,” he commented.

His interest in math began when he was in elementary school with the teaching and support of the teacher Salvador Camacho Peña, and thanks to the inspiration of his mother and Antonio Antolín Fonseca, a high school friend who daily invited him to his house to study and shared him a world of knowledge in his library with more than 10 thousand books.

For Salvador Hernández Vélez, a perfect day is waking up healthy, feeling well, making his bed, drinking coffee, and doing all the professional and personal activities he planned the night before, because he affirms that, through the neurolinguistic programming taught by his parents, it is possible for him to work and do everything planned day by day.

He also told the ICH community that he studied at Instituto Tecnológico de la Laguna, he has a master’s degree in Educational Mathematics; he has written 15 books and enjoys reading 50 per year, he likes to cook and go hiking. Our president thanked for the opportunity to talk about his life and assured that if invited again, he will talk about the importance of math and how fun they are.