Study a Master´s Degree in Hydrocarbon Geology at the UAdeC

The Center for Research in Applied Geosciences of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila calls professionals in Earth Sciences to study the Master’s degree in Hydrocarbon Geology for the period 2020-2022.

This academic program aims to train professionals in Geology and prospecting of hydrocarbon resources, associated with conventional and unconventional deposits, in order to support the solution of problems regarding their use and exploitation.

Some of the requirements are that candidates must have knowledge of Information Technology (ICT), as well as having sufficient knowledge of English for reading and understanding texts. In addition, the program is for bachelor graduates in the area of Earth science or related, with or without work experience and with an interest in research.

The academic plan consists of three sections: the first is basic and taught during the first two semesters, with subjects focused on basic geology and mathematics, for the use of specialized software for the construction of geological models of hydrocarbon deposits.

The second section includes subjects related to reservoir geology and static-dynamic modeling, as well as the introduction to unconventional reservoirs; and in the last and third stage, optional subjects available for students to start their research process.

At the end, this master´s graduates will be capable of solving problems related to geology and prospecting of deposits, generating geological exploration projects and innovation of exploration methods and techniques, through mastering and using scientific research tools and methodologies.

They will also be able to implement environmental impact remediation techniques thanks to the use of specialized equipment; To obtain the degree, they must have successfully completed all the subjects and present the thesis project.

Pre-registration available at CIGA´s page until August 7, internal exam and interviews will be conducted using virtual methods from August 10 to 14, results will be ready by August 18.

For more information, visit the UAdeC Center for Research in Applied Geosciences page:, or send an email to, or call (861) 614 72 19.

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