UAdeC Admission Exam To Be Taken 100% Online

UAdeC President, Salvador Hernández Vélez, announced that the admission exam for the August-October 2020 course will be applied online for Bachelor and Postgraduate on July 4 and 6, and for High School on July 11.

 This according to the recommendations given by the federal and state health and education officials, for the gradual return of education activities, since schools will be the last to return to work face to face, commented Hernández Vélez at a press conference.

He said our main concern at UAdeC is the safety of the applicants in this contingency period. For that reason, it was necessary to implement an online admission process to avoid the conditions implied by the in-person exam application such as the physical presence of many people inside the facilities.

After searching for the best option for technology companies to carry out this process, Hernández Vélez chose the one with most experience in the field, “ExBach Tecnología Educativa SC”. This is a Mexican company dedicated to applying online admission exams since 2007, with the technical, material and human capacity to accomplish this process in the safest and most reliable way possible

“ExBach will support us by providing UAdeC candidates information and with the online application ‘safe at home’, establishing the mechanisms and coordination required for this process,” he said.

Our President stressed that applicants who do not have access to Internet or computer equipment to take the exam will have to register to visit one of the 60 multimedia classrooms that the UAdeC will enable in different parts of the state such as Schools, Faculties and Infotech Centers on the test day.

For his part, the Vice President of the Office of Academic Affairs, Octavio Pimentel Martínez, said that 29,950 admission tests will be applied as follows: Undergraduate and Graduate programs are scheduled for July 4, applicants for Health Science careers will take the exam on July 6 and all high school candidates on July 11.

He explained that the process of notification to applicants starts today, contacting them at the email address they registered, with a phone call we will verify the email provided since there they will receive a personalized registration code to download and access to the platform for the simulation test process and for the online exam.

Pimentel Martínez commented that a week before the exam, a pilot test will be performed to verify that all the applicants understood the instructions. And that all the platforms and external devices can connect correctly to their PC or Laptop; On the other hand, the UAdeC Academic Affairs Office counts with a mailbox on its web portal to answer questions

For the technical process, the Vicepresident of the Information and Communication Technologies Office, Carlos Casillas Gutiérrez, explained that the ExBach platform allows applicants to be watched in real time during the exam through their web camera, which will be on during the 4 hours of exam. This way, the facilitators will be able to interact, authenticate and supervise the applicants following the institutional directions.

In addition, Casillas Gutiérrez commented that the software can control the time limit of the exam and if a person loses the connection, will be able to continue the test in the same section with no problem, in the same way, a Call Center will be available to provide technical assistance.

About the online course for the exam, the Vice Preside of the Office of Distance Education, Félix Ibarra Linares, said that it is 100 percent compatible with the EXANI I, II and III tests for Highschool, Bachelor’s and Postgraduate and it will begin on June 15 and 22 with more than 500 students registered.

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