UAdeC Celebrates 63rd Anniversary With a Gala Concert in Honor of Beethoven

To commemorate the 63rd Anniversary of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila and the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of the German composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven, the concert Gala Beethoven@250 took place as part of the celebration.

During the evening, the Desert Philharmonic Orchestra led by Maestro Natanael Espinoza, and the outstanding pianist, Argentina Durán Fernández  performed some of the composer’s most important pieces.

Gabriela Romero Pinto from the Office of Promotion and Cultural Heritage talked on behalf of our president Salvador Hernández Vélez and the vice president of the same office, Eliezer Jáuregui Arrazate, and her recognized and thanked the university community and the Coahuila society for their interest in supporting and participating in this anniversary celebration.

Also, she commented that due to the current situation our university continues working with new strategies for essential activities such as the dissemination of culture through virtual platforms, finally she ended thanking those who watched the concert from home.

As well as all the concerts and world tributes that are performed with great orchestras and soloists, this concert organized by our university in honor to Beethoven, recognizes one of the greatest geniuses of universal music.

During the presentation, the pieces of Overture of the Opera Fidelio, Op.72 and Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 4, Op.58 by Ludwig Van Beethoven were performed, Allegro Moderato, Andante con moto, Ronda. Vivace, by the soloist Argentina Durán at the piano; Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op.92; and Poco Sostenuto-Vivace, Allegretto, Presto, Allegro con brio, directed by Natanael Espinoza.

Following the recommendations of the health authorities during the pandemic, the Gala Concert was held at the “Fernando Soler” City Theater behind closed doors to protect the population and was broadcast through the Facebook pages @dpc_uadec and @Universidad Autonomous of Coahuila.