UAdeC FCA Monclova Students Win Second Place at ANFECA’s XIV National Entrepreneurial Expo with Makeup Project

With a makeup project made with natural products and without preservatives, students from the Norte Regional Campus in Moclova´s Faculty of Accounting and Administration of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila obtained the second place at the XIV National Entrepreneurial Expo of ANFECA that was held in a virtual way on October 16, 2020.

Students Breidy Rosales, Judith Torres, Nayely Torres, Valeria Hernández and Anahí Vázquez advised by faculty professor Dr. Laura Gaona Tamez, integrate the team that created the makeup that bears the name “Natural Makeup Apasionada”.

ANFECA is the National Association of Faculties and Schools of Accounting and Administration, founded in April 1959 in the city of Torreón, Coahuila, with 13 founding institutions, currently having 274 affiliated institutions, distributed in seven areas throughout the country.

The XIV National Entrepreneurial Expo aims to motivate and recognize entrepreneurship through projects of participants presenting innovative ideas and creativity applied in the creation of new companies or, if possible, the sale of intellectual capital.

In addition, it aims to generate a critical, thoughtful and proactive thinking in undergraduate students regarding issues like, conditions of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration, lack of social cohesion, among others currently present in Mexico, ANFECA promotes a space where sustainable and sustainable social impact projects are presented.

Anahí Vasquez, commented that the makeup they created is made with cinnamon, cornstarch, raspberry, aloe vera, beeswax, coffee, jamaica flower (hibiscus), blackberry, cinnamon and cocoa, used to make mascara, face masks, eye shadows, lipstick, blush and foundation.

She noted that they decided to create makeup without preservatives to care for skin, and natural ingredients prevent pores from being clogged, it also is environmentally friendly.

Vazquez highlighted that the team won second place among more than 30 teams in the Traditional Category, which focuses on projects that meet the basic consumption needs of goods or services of the general population and start with a small investment.

On the other hand, Judith Torres, noted that the team intends to sell the makeup and allocate the proceeds to vulnerable people as low-income children, seniors or people with disabilities, but now they do not have the resources to start production, so if someone is interested in investing in the project they can contact them through the Facebook page “Apasionada”.

Dr. Laura Gaona, the project advisor, said that the students worked incessantly on the creation of makeup, so they bring pride for the Faculty of Accounting and Administration in Monclova, as it is the first team to rank among the first places of the XIV National Entrepreneurial Expo of ANFECA.