UAdeC Hosts Book Presentation on LatAm Debate about Transforming Power: “Construir Poder Transformador. Debate Latinoamericano”

On March 4th, UAde C hosted the presentation of the book “Construir Poder Transformador. Debate Latinoamericano” (To Build Transforming Power. Latin American Debate) written by Adolfo Orive Bellinger from Mexico, Alfredo Rada and Estefanía Prado from Bolivia, Ricardo Patiño from Ecuador and Sigfrido Reyes from El Salvador.

The Faculty of Social Work organized the event, our president Salvador Hernández Vélez, presented the publication; the principal Jesús Acevedo, participated as a moderator, also students, teachers and the public were able to follow the presentation on Microsoft Teams and Facebook Live.

This book compiles the experiences of important social activists, party leaders and government officials struggling to transform the scenarios of exploitation, oppression, domination, and injustice in their native countries.

In his message, President Salvador Hernández Vélez spoke about the notable political training of the authors, as well as their important academic and multidisciplinary background. He pointed out that the title of the work is an invitation to continue building transforming power, so it is very important to understand this concept, where people are society and create their own transformation processes.

He stressed that in the 12 chapters of the book, they address current issues that encourage profound reflection as they open the discussion of concepts and proposals that have been widely debated from different and pluralistic approaches.

“The current world requires respect for each other, if we do not promote it then we are not in a transformation process, nor making people the subject of their own stories and development; the experiences and opinions of each one of the authors come from their training and practice with an analytical, critical and purposeful spirit”, he said.

For his part, Adolfo Orive Bellinger, commented that over time he has learned to listen to opinions. In addition, one of his first differences with Marxism was that Marx and Lenin thought that, “for the proletariat to become a class for themselves, they should know of historical materialism, of socialism, that is, they had to know science to become a historical subject”.

Likewise, Alfredo Rada, spoke of two concepts that are presented in the book: conception of power and conception of transformative action, he points out that one of the objectives is to recover Latin American sources of thought and they also debate about the insufficiency of the electoral route to build a transforming electoral power.

During the event, authors Estefanía Prado from Bolivia, Ricardo Patiño from Ecuador and Sigfrido Reyes from El Salvador also shared their input.