UAdeC hosts the Rights of Peasants International Congress

Through CISE, our Socioeconomic Research Center, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila is the host of the International Convention Rights of Peasants that will take place virtually from December 9 to 11, 2020.

Our president, Salvador Hernández Vélez, welcomed the participants and thanked the organizers from UAdeC, Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Universidad de Sevilla, the Geneva Academy, and the Center Lascuax ser les Transitions.

“For us at UAdeC it is an honor to carry out this type of international events where we reinforce our social commitment from scientific research with different social groups and in this special case with the peasants,” he said.

He added that our University is committed to the comprehensive training of our students, as well as to the development of research with social impact. This is why it is particularly important to establish partnerships with those who work on building a supportive, and resilient Mexico and a better world that provide social and material well-being through new, useful and scientifically valid knowledge.

For his part, the Vice President of Food and Competitiveness of the Government of Mexico, Víctor Suárez Carrera, stressed the importance of avoid the multiple forms of discrimination against those who work in the field, which is why the development of this type of events is so relevant.

The challenge of this congress is to think up formulas that complement the United Nations declaration on the rights of peasants with clear policies, budgets, and actions with effective enforcement mechanisms for compliance, mandatory for governments and in case of non-compliance, of judicialization.

In addition to diagnosing, analyzing, reflecting, and proposing, the convention also seeks to establish, in a pragmatic and immediate way, mechanisms that allow rural workers to obtain the citizenship, historically denied to them, because they are considered a poor population with no capacity for advancement.

Regarding this, he said, it is contradictory and shameful that those who feed the world do not have enough and nutritious food, cannot afford to support their families and are not respected in their individual and collective rights.

For this reason, is necessary to establish a new, fairer agricultural food system that respects the rights, well-being, health, and care of nature, seeking to implement a plan where the participants in the processes of agricultural food production receive fair compensation for their work, while small and medium-scale agriculture is strengthened.

In the same way, we must look for a sustainability strategy capable of preserving the environment, natural resources, and the decrease in the use of chemical products; It must also be healthy, by producing food that has essential nutrients for the health of the population, being a competitive food production system.

Gilberto Aboites Manrique, director of the CISE, thanked the organizing institutions for their work in generating knowledge to combat social problems related to the rights of peasants, who, being a violated and exploited community, continue to fight for respect for their rights and the importance of their work.

He invited researchers, social activists, government representatives and agricultural producers to establish a dialogue to better understand the problem and generate actions and strategies to eradicate practices against the rights of peasants.

The activities of the International Congress began with the Keynote Lecture by Dr. José Esquinas Alcazar, Ex-Secretary of the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources, and the Provisional Secretariat of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources.

He thanked the organizers for the space to share knowledge about the rights of peasants and some of the experiences of working 30 years in FAO making visible the problems that exist in the field due to the current agri-food system.

The activities will continue during December 10 and 11. For more information, visit the complete program here: or call (844) 412 90 29 and (844) 412 11 13 extensions 114 and 117. You can also watch the live broadcast in our Facebook page: Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila.