UAdeC inaugurated Faculty of Political and Social Sciences New Building at Torreon Regional Campus

Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila inaugurated the new facilities of Torreon Regional Campus Faculty of Political and Social Sciences with the purpose of ensuring optimal spaces for students to develop their skills completely.

Miguel Angel Riquelme Solís, Governor of the State of Coahuila, Salvador Hernández Vélez, President of the UAdeC, Jorge Zermeño Infante, the mayor of Torreon, Fernando de las Fuentes Hernández, the secretary of government, Tomás Galván Camacho, the director of public works of the Municipality of Torreón, and Héctor Hugo Dávila Prado, the local congressman attended the ceremony.

In addition, Sandra López Chavarría, Vice President of the UAdeC Torreon Regional Campus, Juan Carlos Hernández, Director of FCPyS, and Paulette Seceñas Vázquez, Vice President of UAdeC Real Estate Property and Services also took part.

In his message, Coahuila´s Governor, Miguel Angel Riquelme Solís, stated that the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila is a national example for the outstanding academic achievements of its students, since ours is an institution that remains at the forefront in all aspects.

For his part, our President, Salvador Hernández Vélez, commented that FCPyS started as a school with bachelor’s degrees in Public Administration and Sociology 49 years ago. Later, it became a Faculty with the incorporation of the career of Communication Sciences, in addition to the current master’s degrees of New Political and Constitutional Processes with Accentuation in Political Rights in agreement with Universidad de Alicante, Spain and the Master’s Degree in Social Sciences for Interdisciplinary Development.

He emphasized that UAdeC carries out an intense process of transformation in its physical infrastructure, preparing the necessary conditions to ensure educational excellence, “Despite the current adversities, our highest house of studies has maintained the commitment to continue with the permanent improvement of its facilities in all regions of the state where we are present”.

Hernandez also commented that the building is 5 thousand 220 square meters, housing 19 classrooms for three undergraduate programs, and two master

degrees. It also includes a television set and an exhibition room for the production of television programs, audio and video editing rooms, a screen-printing workshop, three acoustic cabins for radio and television, a graphic design classroom, a computer center and a reading area.

In addition, it has cubicles for distance education, millennium classroom, cubicles for full-time teachers and work areas for academic bodies, political and social analysis laboratories, a Department of Research and Socio-Environmental Intervention; around 600 students, more than 50 teachers and 20 administrative and manual employees will use these facilities.

On the other hand, Jorge Zermeño, Torreon´s Mayor, highlighted that they are working on the construction of the route “Northern Access”, so that Torreon Regional Campus University students, teachers, as well as administrative and manual staff have another alternate way in addition to the existing highway.

Zermeño pointed out that “Northern Access” is a stretch of 286 linear meters that goes from the Torreón-Matamoros road to the roundabout in the University facilities´ main entrance, near the General Hospital and the Manto de la Virgen plazuela.

During the ceremony it was announced the delivery of other works for the Universidad Autónoma deCoahuila, which are the University Services Building and 2 thousand solar panels on the facilities of the Arteaga Campus, as well as on the Campus of Health Sciences in Norte Regional Campus in the municipality of Piedras Negras.