UAdeC invites its professor-researchers to participate in Participate in the XXVII Edition of the Dolphin Program (summer 2022)

Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila through the Research and Postgraduate Office and the Linking and Productive Innovation Office, calls on its professor-researchers to join the Catalog of Researchers of the Delfín Program in its XXVII Edition (summer 2022).

In order to strengthen the culture of collaboration between Institutions of Higher Education and Research Centers, the Delfin Program began in mid-1995 at the initiative of the Universidad de Occidente del Estado de Sinaloa, supported by the Academia Mexicana de Ciencias A. C. and the Universities of: Guadalajara, Chiapas, Ciudad Juárez; the technological Institutes of Mazatlán and Culiacán; and the Center of Scientific Research and Higher Education and of Ensenada.

The main objective is to promote the academic bodies with their participation as academic advisors in the Pacific Scientific and Technological Research Summer Program, as well as disseminators of the academic activities of their institutions.

It also seeks to contribute to the formation of high-level academic teams to consolidate the research activities, and strength the postgraduate programs of the Institutions through the linkage of outstanding students with postgraduate researchers from the Institutions of Higher Education that participates in the Program.

The requirements for the researchers interested in participate, are: have a master’s degree, count with research activity, be interested in participate as a student advisor for the Summer of Research of the Delfín Program and have at least one research project registered with the Directorate of Research and Postgraduate.

For proposals presentation, send an email to: y Deadline is January 21st, 2022.