UAdeC Norte Regional Campus Students Receive Recognition for Highest Score on Admissions Exam

To acknowledge our Norte Regional Campus students with the highest scores in the admission exam for fall 2020, this Monday, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila held an integration ceremony in the city of Monclova.

The event was chaired by our President, Salvador Hernández Vélez, in the company of the Vice President of the Norte Regional Campus, Jesús Javier Toledo Aguilar; the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Octavio Pimentel Martínez; the Vice President of Promotion and Cultural Heritage, Eliezer Jáuregui Arrazáte and the Vice President of Athletics, David Hernández Barrera.

In his message Hernández Vélez, said that the universities are spaces that transform lives and train better people, hence he stated that our highest house of studies is committed to offer to offer its students a quality education.

Besides congratulating our most outstanding students, he also urged them to continue their striving and achieving their goals. He noted that they are a unique generation, as their entry to the University was through an online exam which meant a challenge, but also an opportunity to adapt to what today’s world requires.

“Now that you are part of our Lobos family, I assure you that your time at the University will be unforgettable, your merit and effort allowed you to earn a place at UAdeC so I congratulate you and invite you to continue working to become excellent professionals,” he said.

While the Norte Regional Campus Vice President, Jesús Toledo Aguilar, highlighted the students optimism and dedication, since the admission exam was carried out virtually, this did not prevent them from giving their best in the test, he added that the mission of the University is to train wholesome individuals who become successful professionals.

On the other hand, the student Damián García Velásquez of the Faculty of Metallurgy offered a few words on behalf of his fellow students, he commented that belonging to the UadeC is a prideful experience, so he exhorted the university community always to have commitment, perseverance and dedication, as this will help them fullfill their goals.

The new undergraduate students who received a diploma and official student id from the University are: Ximena Alejandra Estrada Gómez and Gabriel Alejandro Estrada Cortez, from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Monclova while from the Higher School of Engineering “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos” in Nueva Rosita, Jesús Eduardo Hernández Sánchez; from the School of Systems “Prof. Marcial Ruíz Vargas” in Ciudad Acuña, Jesús Daniel García Vargas and Alba Mendoza Mendoza.

On the other hand, Nadia Palma Tobias and Adamari Urbina Morales were recognized from the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of Monclova; Ximena Rodríguez Espinoza from Monclova School of Psychology and Christian Damián García Velasquez from School of Metallurgy.

Finally, at the high school level, from the “Dr. and Gral. Jaime Lozano Benavides” from Allende received recognition from Melanie Nikita Salas; from the “Mr. Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta” in Piedras Negras, Andrea Sánchez Loredo; and from the “Prof. Urbano Riojas Rendón” in Nueva Rosita Arely Martínez Ortiz.