UAdeC Reduces Annual Enrollment Fees for August-December 2020 Semester

The reduction of 8.3 percent of annual registration fees for the semester August-December 2020 was approved after more than three and a half hours of Extraordinary Session of the Honorable University Council of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila.

Our university counselors, students and teachers representing the 60 schools and faculties of UAdeCparticipated online through Microsoft Teams platform where 233 voted against, 36 in favor and 8 abstentions about MOESCO’s proposal to reduce annual registration fees by 55.4 percent.

However, supporting a proposal from the directors, our Honorable University Council agreed to reduce annual tuition fess by 8.3 per cent with 262 directors in favor, 20 against and six abstentions, to return to the cost in 2018; It should be noted that all new and re-entry students who made their full payment will be reimbursed at the General Treasury offices.

In addition, adjustments will be made for those who applied for financial assistance and tuition credit and among the agreements made by the university authorities since 27 July 2020 everybody will get this benefit, as well as the payment plan that includes the months of this semester to January 2021.

The University Council also approved the expansion of the budget and number of beneficiaries by 65.5 percent of the Plan of Social Inclusion and Permanence of Students, which the rector Salvador Hernández Vélez proposed, so that more students are aided by only paying an annual registration fee of 10 pesos.

The result of the CENEVAL socio-economic survey shows that 1,400 young people are in a difficultfinancial situation, however, the proposal expands to benefit 1,911 students who meet the characteristics of economic vulnerability and academic performance for this year.

Requirements include having graduated from a public school in case of registering high school or bachelor’s degree; Resources allocated for this program round 8 million 300 thousand pesos and come from the Austerity Plan that our maximum house of studiesimplements, obtained from savings in its various areas and operations.

During the following hours of the Session, otherrequests of the Movement were approved by theCouncil, including a greater dissemination to theuniversity agencies’ instruments concerning institutional protocols such as the Human RightsAdvocacy, Gender Equity and the Protocol to Address,Sanction and Eradicate Gender Violence withinUniversidad Autónoma de Coahuila and directions will be provided to the proper departments for doing their part.  

In the matter of creating a democratic and resolutecongress or body in which the whole communitydiscusses and decides on the problems our Universityfaces and whose decisions are upheld by the entireuniversity community and are abided by ourauthorities, it was not submitted to vote, because it was against the Statute and the Organic Law and we cannot have a higher body than the UniversityCouncil.    

With regard to the amendment to the Statute so thatthe H. Council performs a mandatory review andapproval of the registration fee and not by theUniversity’s Internal Financial Committee, it was could not go forth because a legal procedure contained inArticle 99 of the Statute shall be met first. This guideline, in its first fraction states that a session shallbe scheduled exclusively for this purpose and thatcounselors shall be notified 15 working days in advance , hold assemblies and be supported at least by a fifth of all members.    

At the same time, MOESCO’s proposal to not affect thesalaries of manual and administrative workers in thefirst categories displayed in the UAdeC Workers’Wages and Salaries Tab was approve. However, on the topic of senior officers’ salary cut back to 60 percent, the vote was against, because this opposes theprinciple of non-reducibility of wages established in ourlabor regulations.   

The motion of compliance with and listening to thedemocratic principles of the movement representingthe student community was not put to the vote sincethis already constitutes a right that students have andthis is indispensable, which the University defends and upholds.

In the case of a 50 per cent reduction in the advertising budget that the movement requested, the vote was against because this would compromise thesubstantive functions of the University of disseminationof culture and knowledge.  

 And finally on the question of the external audit thatwas carried out on the national mobility scholarships in2018-2019 on July 30, 2020 a report was delivered bythe external advisor enterprise Asesorías y ServiciosAdministrativos containing the opinion with findings and facts in accordance with the process of thenormativity of Government Accounting, which is alsopublished on the Transparency page.    

In his message, our President, Salvador HernándezVélez declared that our country is going through acomplex economic situation arising from the COVID-19pandemic situation, proof of this is the fall of 18.9% ofGross Domestic Product in the last quarter, which addsto a downward trend in growth that started since theend of last year.   

“Our University Community, especially many of ourstudents and their families, have been affected by thisdifficult financial situation, where jobs and incomeshave been lost. That is the central message of thedemonstration led by students last Monday and as aUniversity we have to be sensitive, empathetic andoffer concrete solutions that help the students whoneed it most,” he said.    

He stated that this was the primary objective of thisextraordinary session of the University Council, which,on the basis of dialogue, the contrast of information, and an empathetic listening, the 11 points composingMOESCO´s (Coahuila Student Movement) petition,were analyzed and concrete solutions and answerswere put on the table.    

Some administrative actions have already been takenfrom the President’s Office that fall within the scope ofpowers, which are summarized in the following items:

1) Payment Deadline Extension for Registration fees toSeptember 17.   

2) All students can secure their place and have theiracademic registration with a down payment of 100pesos.   

3) Enrollment credit will be granted to any student whorequests it.   

4) The number of instalments for credit payment is increased to six. The first one, as already mentioned is100 pesos, as well as 5 additional deposits, which willbe distributed over the two semesters that make up theacademic year.  

5) Students can call several telephone numbers available for any inquiry regarding the registration andcredit application process, those can also be reviewedon Facebook’s institutional page and on our othersocial networks.   

7) Last year, the General Inclusion Plan was implemented, which along with other measuresprovides assistance for students dealing with a difficultfinancial situation and prevents them to pay forregistration, those students will pay a symbolic amountof 10 pesos for their yearly tuition.  

8) We have realized the need to further expand thisInclusion Plan and offer support to more students thanlast year, for this, many university graduates haveapproached us to offer help to create a special fund through the Board of Trustees, to support in whole or inpart in the payment of registration to students whoneed it most.   

Similarly, we were receptive to the demands raisedaround the inconveniences that students experiencedin the final part of the previous semester throughoutthe development of their online classes, for which thefollowing actions will be carried out:  

1) The semester starting date was extended toAugust 17, to allow University teachers to once again be trained in the use of Microsoft Teams and in the design of virtual classes from August 3 to 14, inorder to improve the students learning experience.   

2) Training in the use of Microsoft Teams will also beincluded in the different introductory courses andstudents from other semesters who are interestedcan also use this opportunity if they wish to do so.   

3) A periodic review of the established courses’progress has been determined, where the evidencefolder will be revised every month to ensure that allcourses are being properly taught using MicrosoftTeams.  

4) A data survey to detect students with connectivity and technology disadvantages will be carried out in the same fashion as last semester, to offeralternatives that allow them to follow up on theircourses, in this particular case, the option of attending face-to-face classes with small groups andfollowing all safety measures in the computercenters will be available.