UAdeC School of Plastic Arts Will Celebrate its 100th Anniversary

This year, on September 20, the School of Plastic Arts “Profesor Rubén Herrera” of the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, will celebrate 100 years of its foundation and of training professionals in plastic artists and design, capable of understanding the social and cultural environment in their field.

Rubén Herrera founded the School of Plastic Arts on September 20, 1920. It started as the Academia de Pintura de Saltillo annexed to Ateneo Fuente School that was located next to the San Francisco temple, in the old Edificio Coahuila.

It became the Escuela de Artes Gráficas on June 8, 1938 and in 1943 the State Congress created the “Academia de Pintura y Dibujo en el Ateneo Fuente” and later in 1956, the Escuela de Pintura moved to the Instituto Tecnológico de Coahuila facilities.

This School became part of the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila on September 30, 1957, taking the name Escuela de Pintura “Rubén Herrera” and in 1994 the institution began to offer the Graphic Design Degree, which already has 34 generations of graduates and still contributes training professionals, with knowledge of the methodology and skills required for design, communication and art.

The first generation in the Plastic Arts Degree started in 2009 and for eight generations, this school has trained professionals with theoretical-philosophical support for plastic creation, inventiveness and creativity, as well as for individual or collective expression in the areas of painting, sculpture, engraving, design and drawing.

Darío D. Aguillón Gutiérrez, Director of the school, stressed that with 100 years of history and thanks to the work and effort of distinguished people, the EAP is the main artistic training center in the state. He also commented that it currently has a great national and international projection due to collaboration networks established with countries in America, Europe and Asia.

“We are very proud to work with different universities in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Korea; this allows our students to carry out academic exchanges that besides being great experiences enrich their professional training and at the same time link our institution with the rest of the universities.”

He also commented that this is a very important year for the academic growth of the school. We now have a total of 360 students, 240 in Graphic Design and 120 in Plastic Arts, because they are in the process of curricular reforms for new study plans and the creation of the master’s plan, which can raise the level from school to faculty.

Regarding the activities to celebrate the centenary of the EAP, Aguillón Gutiérrez said that with the collaboration of the student community and the teachers, starting on September 20 and throughout the semester, the school will be holding a program of exhibitions and virtual galleries

“The best way to celebrate 100 years of history is by promoting the work of our students, teachers and graduates, through galleries, as well as with visual catalogs of prominent artists and designers, always with the support of university authorities, the Municipal Institute of Culture and other organizations ”, he commented.

To begin the celebration, the director said that there would be a virtual ceremony in the last week of September, attended by our president, Salvador Hernández Vélez and at the beginning of October our first online exhibition will begin with more than 200 works of 25 teachers, 25 alumni and 50 students.

Among other complementary activities are the dissemination of the artistic heritage of the EAP, the projection of commemorative videos through social networks, the traditional Art Fair and an auction in December; For more information about the anniversary events, visit the Facebook page: “Escuela de Artes Plásticas Profesor Rubén Herrera” or call: (844) 689 10 70.