UAdeC Signs a Collaboration Agreement with Instituto Alianza

Our president at Universidad Autónoma Coahuila, Salvador Hernández Vélez, signed a collaboration agreement with Instituto Alianza Global , represented by César Humberto Cantú García, to establish the bases and operating mechanisms in academic, scientific, technological collaboration, training in general and educational.

Hernández Vélez, completed signing the MOU and stressed that with this collaboration, both institutions will benefit from academic strengthening and scientific development, as well as engagement with the productive and social sectors.

For his part, César Humberto Cantú García, thanked the university authorities their will to work together and collaboration to benefit the academic community and general society; he recognized UAdeC has a wide academic heritage and quality infrastructure, for which he predicted an extremely productive outcome.

Instituto Alianza is dedicated to the combination of knowledge, experiences and efforts to provide training, updating, preparation services, among others, in a professional or technical way, satisfying the demand for qualified personnel and raising the quality of life of people.

This agreement seeks to establish a basis between both institutions to create human and professional development programs, as well as courses, seminars, diplomas, management development programs, certifications of labor and professional skills.

It is also intended to establish collaborations to address the needs of the public or private sectors through consulting and advisory services with innovative, creative, and intelligent solutions and with viable and optimal results.

Likewise, the planning, design, and preparation with third parties of training programs are contemplated to contribute promoting the preparation, training and professional or technical updating to satisfy the demand of qualified personnel for the productive system in Mexico.

This collaboration also includes carrying out research studies and scientific developments, market studies, business practibility and feasibility analysis, project management required by the business }from the public or social sectors, taking advantage of the infrastructure resources, equipment and human talent available in from researchers, teachers and students of the UAdeC and the expertise in the entrepreneurial and engagement part of the Instituto Alianza.

To achieve the established goals, joint participation will be carried out in the preparation of technical study plans and basic and applied research in those regions or areas of development that are suitable and contribute to the well-being of the entity and its habitants.

In addition to actions of training, development, continuing education and certification of technical and professional skills and professional academic updating, UAdeC will call its academic staff in the different schools and units, for the creation of work groups that establish in a timely manner the elaboration of some project.

The University will designate an academic official as liaison and counterpart to work with Instituto Alianza; Both institutions will participate in the formulation and presentation of resource request proposals for projects that require public or private financing, as well as facilitate the means for new projects.

The agreement will begin on the signature date and will last 3 years; At the end, it may be extended after an evaluation of the results obtained and through a written agreement between the highest house of studies and the Global Alliance Institute.