UAdeC’s Norte Regional Campus Promotes its Academic Offer Virtually

UAdeC´s Norte Regional Campus invites you to visit its academic offer page where those students interested in pursuing a university degree will be able to know virtually the various academic offers that are available in the northern part of the state.

On the website, you will find a message from the Norte Regional Campus President, Luis Carlos Talamantes Arredondo, who informs there are nine schools and faculties, having facilities in Monclova, Nueva Rosita, Piedras Negras and Ciudad Acuña.

He emphasizes that we work with demanding curriculums that are renewed every five years, this with the aim of getting students to graduate with up-to-date and cutting-edge knowledge and thus access more and better opportunities in their field of work.

On the other hand, the site details the various scholarships offered by our University, such as institutional, private and sports. In addition to national and international mobility, agreements with the most prestigious universities in Mexico and abroad; also the credit opportunities for the payment of registration, which makes it one of the most accessible institutions of higher education in the country.

The Norte Regional Campus schools are located as follows: the Faculty of Metallurgy, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Administration and Accounting, the School of Psychology and the School of Bachelors Ladislao Farías Campos in Monclova, Coahuila. In Piedras Negras, there are the School of Medicine, the School of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Accounting and Administration and the “Luis Donaldo Colosio” High School.

In Ciudad Acuña, there are the School of Systems “Prof. Marcial Ruíz Vargas” and the School of Bachelors “Antonio Gutiérrez Garza” and in Nueva Rosita the Higher School of Engineering “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos” and the School of Bachelors “Urbano Riojas Rendón”.

On the website, there are sections for every school and faculty, where everybody will be able to access videos where important information is provided so that they know the candidate´s profile, work field, curriculum, among others.

Similarly, you will find sections with information on Student Insurance, Athletics, Internships, Academic Affairs and the details of the call for the Admission Exam to the school year August- December 2021.