VIII Congress of the Network of Gender Studies of Northern Mexico at UAdeC

Expecting to analyze and debate from a gender perspective, topics such as, the contrasts and nuances of the socioeconomic and political processes of the northern region of Mexico and the world, the VIII Congress of the Study Network of Gender of the North of Mexico “El Norte en Perspectiva: Género, Desarrollo, Democracia y Violencias”, organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila , started in a virtual and remote modality.

Activities for the Congress began through the Microsoft Teams platform with the presence of our President Salvador Hernández Vélez, and special guests: Cristóbal Noé Aguilar González, Vice President of Postgraduate and Research Studies, Sandra López Chavarría, Vice President for our  Torreón Regional Campus, Magdalena Jaime Cepeda, Vice President of Gender Equity, and the Director of the Research Institute for the Integral Development of University Women, Lorena Argentina Medina Bocanegra.

The inauguration was also attended by Magda Yadira Robles Garza, from the Office of University Human Rights, and Rosario Varela Zúñiga, member of the Organizing Committee and head of the Multidisciplinary Program for Gender Studies of the Academic Body “Politics and Society” of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences in Torreón Regional Campus.

In his message, our President expressed that UAdeC understands the importance of amplifying and delving into the gender studies research, on relevant issues as substantive equality or the eradication of gender violence.

“In our highest house of studies, the number of researchers who work academically with the gender perspective has grown significantly in these years, despite that, these lines of research may be greater, that is why we see an excellent opportunity in this academic space for the exchange of high-quality projects that invite more people to join this network ”, he said.

Hernández Vélez, reminded us that UAdeC has taken significant steps forward in substantive equality and in the eradication of gender violence, such as the creation of the Gender Equity Coordination, which is responsible for promoting a culture of equality , inclusion, respect and non-violence.

He also talked about the implementation of an institutional system for assistance in situations of gender violence within the university, from the publication of the Protocol of Action to Prevent, Attend, Eradicate and Punish Gender Violence, as well as the creation of the Court for the Attention to Gender Violence Cases.

Our president congratulated the event Organizing Committee and the Gender Studies Network of Northern Mexico, for taking actions that impact positively the gender field in the academic life and in the development of capacities for our State.

On the other hand, the Vice President of the Torreón Regional Campus  Sandra López Chavarría, mentioned that the offices in charge of gender equality in the UAdeC are committed to a modern gender perspective, as well as to the development of actions to promote equality between women and men

She stressed that thanks to the participation of students, teachers, staff and directors, the institutional policies and the creation of transversal projects have been implemented within the plans and study programs, to improve the living conditions of the university community, seeking the equality of  labor conditions and treatment.

As part of the activities of the Congress, on September 8 and 9, the congress held conferences, panels, simultaneous work tables and book presentations with the topics of gender studies, gender identities; health, gender and environment, security and justice, among others. The program of activities is available on the website and those interested will be able to join to the virtual rooms in Microsoft Teams using the links published in the “General Program” section; We recommend entering 15 minutes before each activity.